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At EP Creative Media we specialize in creating custom content for any and all businesses and organizations. From well-established companies to start-ups, non-profits and individuals. No matter the size of your budget, we can produce amazing videos that will engage your audience!


Do you already have footage from a previous shoot that you need repurposed? We're happy to help! Did you film something but you're not sure how to edit it? Let us do it! Are you an actor with lots of footage and you need a reel cut together? That's our specialty!  Check out this amazing hosting reel we put together for Bianca!

Services Include:


Aerial Cinematography

I am a licensed FAA Part 107 commercial pilot and fully insured to fly drones commercially. Aerial footage can add a breathtaking dynamic to your content! Do you need property surveyed or are you listing a real estate property on a beautiful piece of land? Let me capture it for you!



Let's get your message out there!

We can create videos of any length to highlight your company so that you can put your best foot forward!




Real Estate

$999 Media Package

You read that right! Working on a tight budget and hoping to get a media package that will give you the best bang for your buck? This has it all:

Person Checking the Phone


This is where we talk about your vision and begin to understand your company history & culture as well as what your goals and target audience are.

Vlogger Equipment


This package includes a 2 hour shoot at one location. (Hours and locations can be added) We'll film interviews as well as some creative footage.

Film Reels


I'll edit together 5 videos for you. 

- 3-4 minute video outlining your company

- 3 minute long videos perfect for social media

- A landing page video for your website.

Click the buttons below to view sample:

$999 Package
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